Welcome to Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai, the heart of the northern Thailand, is a land of gorgeous scenery mountains and hill tribes. Chiang Mai also known as the Rose of the North. Chiang Mai weather is cooler than the rest of country.

Travelers who visit Chiang Mai will also be able to see an incredible Northern Thai ancient temples and architectures of Lanna style, spot elephants in the wild, explore the beautify botanical garden and the local culinary landscape even be bowled over by the traditional Lana dinner, Khantoke where you seated on the floor at a large round table (called a toke) and traditional northern Thai food, Sai Oua (northern Thai sausage), Nam Prik Noom (roasted chili dip), Nam Prik Ong (tomato chili dip) and Cap Mhoo (fried pork skin).

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